Rhetoric is the devil.
The Story So Far

—States and Minds


States and Minds | The Story So Far

Being As An Ocean

—The Sea Always Seems To Put Me At Ease

(Source: defeatxthelow)

Ambition tramples and philanthropy is nothing more than an outlet of remorse. Contentedness is a blessing and mediocrity is a cure. Funny how we can’t afford the luxury of a concern for health— we’re told we ought to be noble, and we’re taught to tie noble to wealth.

I’ll be drowned by Monday.

i wish/I will

Christ, i must’ve wished this upon myself, miraculous

whim upon a star bound for unfortunate transgression,

the patron eidolon of Pain in all forms— enduring in a ceaseless

expanse for momentary glimpses of tangible fantasy. 

It wouldn’t be faith otherwise, we pray to see but not seize—

i’ll be damned if it’s obligatory.